Atec Installations LTD.

Thermal Imaging

There are millions of switchboards and control panels throughout the country that have faults that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Electrical thermal imaging is the most efficient way to detect faults, hot spots and loose connections. Studies show electrical thermographic inspections can have a pay back to the client of 4:1.

Our top level thermal imaging camera will find electrical faults the human eye won’t see, thus eliminating the chances of a fire or unexpected shutdown.

T5HO Lighting Upgrades

Need more light for less than what your paying today?  Upgrade to energy efficient T5 HO high bay fixtures.  With BC Hydro incentives you can even receive large rebates!

Turbine Testcell

PT6T turboshaft test cell project.  Complete re-wire of the test cell to support all new controls to go with the new test bed.

Home Pot Light Retrofit's

Tired of your old lights?  Upgrade the look of your house with some brand new pot lights. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes.